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Blockreal is proud to employ professionals with a successful track record in their respective fields.

Professionals bringing the new way of Real Estate investment



Think of us as the bridge connecting customers with a perfect asset. Using blockchain technology, we provide an innovative way of investing in real estate projects around the world faster and easier than ever before.
Our crowdfunding platform makes the funding process safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. It is alsocompletely transparent.

Blockreal is a real people company, focusing on business quality and employee selection. Blockreal takes pride in every individual working for our business; all of our employees have a proven success track record in their field of expertise.
Everyday we do our best to bring you the finest service and products available. We see our team as a family, creating an environment to achieve excellence in the workplace.

Our long-term vision at Blockreal is to develop the possibility of opportunity for real estate investments around the world.
This is achieved by using blockchain technology and smart contracts to make transactions quicker, easier and more secure while introducing liquidity to a global real estate market.

Historically, private investments in real estate have had very little liquidity, with no significant secondary market. Blockreal releases liquidity by reducing the barriers to trade.
Private investments become more valuable, making it easier to connect with potential sellers around the world.